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Your Homestay Experience
S & J Homestay Calgary

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What to expect....

Each Host family will provide students with meals.
 Which may include: toast and cereal for breakfast during the weekdays and awide variety of Canadian foods for dinner such as pasta and a salad, or roast beef and potatoes. We encourage you to try as many different types of food as you can, as this is part of your Canadian experience. It is common for students to eat out at restaurants from time to time, but please let your host family know when you will not be home for dinner. You are fully responsible to purchase your own food outside of your homestay.

Every student will be provided with a private room, which will contain a bed, study desk, dresser, closet and proper lighting. It is the students responsibility to keep his or her own room clean and to do their own laundry, including towels and bed sheets. Host families will provide cleaning solutions and teach students how to use the laundry machines in their home. Laundry is usually done once a week.

Host families will often ask their students to join them in family outings such as a trip to the movie theatre or a dinner in a restaurant. Students are responsible for paying their own share of the cost on these types of activities.

We strongly encourage students to spend time with their host family and to engage in conversation as often as they can. Host families are there to help students improve their English skills. Conversation at the dinner table is an excellent way to practice.

Host families may have certain house rules, which students will be expected to respect and follow. These may include turning off the television at a certain time at night, or to help with the dishes after a family meal. 

Host families do not allow smoking or the consumption of alcohol in their homes.

Many host families have more than one student in their home, however, S & J Homestay (Calgary) does not allow more than one student of the same culture in a homestay placement. This allows the student to strengthen their English skills by speaking English with all members of the home.

Should a problem or difficulty arise in your homestay, our dedicated placement officer is available to assist in the resolution of any misunderstandings or conflicts.

If a student wishes to move at anytime during their homestay placement - without good reason, a service fee may apply. 30 days notice to move from your placement must be provided to the host family. This charge is waived only in extraordinary circumstances where a student is subjected to intolerable behaviour.

Should a student be asked to leave the Homestay placement due to bad behaviour, he or she forfeits the remainder of their monthly fee to the host family and will be expected to move immediately. S & J Homestay reserves the right to refuse further placement of that student in this circumstance.

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